Monday, June 20, 2011

Weed eradication has begun. Farm 2, Predators 14

I started spraying weeds today.  In reality this is a necessity.  There is currently no way I can control the weeds without using herbicides.  There is about 25 acres that I am trying to keep clear and there are not enough animals to keep up with all this rain!  Needless to say it took me over two hours to get the sprayer hooked up, strapped down, powered up, parts purchased (two separate trips) and running.  I sprayed a brand name called "Banvel-d" a couple of years ago.  When I went to buy more herbicide today that brand was not being carried so instead I purchased "Rifle-d", much cooler name.  The sprayer has one small leak on a nozzle assembly, but it will work just fine.  If I am in Pendleton later in the week I can pick up the part and replace it, but for now I am going to keep spraying weeds.  Had a heck of a time in the orchard, the milk weeds and thistles are so tall that the mule kept getting high centered on the weeds.  Lots of forward and backing up to get over the weeds.
Annmarie and I were walking back from our in law's house near dark and the weeds were already starting to wilt!  I may have the concentration a little strong, but I did follow the directions on the bottle.

We have been locking up the chickens every night since the Chicken Butler is currently nonfunctional.  Unfortunately, Annmarie informed me that the chicken door has been opened the last couple of mornings after she locked it up at night.  I have lost another 5 hens.  I am down to only 16 laying hens...  this is killing me.  At this rate I am not going to have any chickens.  We had a gate locking mechanism on the chicken door that has to be turned just right to lift off the latch.  So tonight I put a large carabiner on the latch.  I do not see a raccoon getting that off.  I have also expanded my kill zone.  I set up a trap at the in laws on her back porch.  Something is eating sunflower seeds off her deck at night.  I also set up another live trap outside the chicken yard.  I NEED to KILL the nasty predators before I have no chickens left.  Again, this is a stupid problem to have.

I have a weekend already lined up for my bridge endeavor.  The second weekend of July is the start of bridge construction.  I am going to tear out the old bridge and get the four pillars and footings poured before that weekend so it will be build time.  I have someone coming to help me finish it up.  Looking forward to getting this out of the way.