Friday, June 3, 2011

May chicken financials

May report:  I lost $13.06 for the month on an average 26 hens laying (I realize that last month I predicted no more chicken lose due to the Chicken Butler, but I had not counted on the predator ingenuity.  I lost 6 hens last month all in the last two weeks.).  My net income total is $193.53 for the year .  I had $44.28 in expenses for feed (200#) this month (this is probably going to go up in consumption since I have the chickens locked up due to predators).  For the year, my monthly expenses are $108.04 (a decrease of $0.50/month). We collected a total of 429 usable eggs averaging 13.8 eggs/day collected (for the year the average is 13.6 eggs/day).  My productivity for the month was 53% (decreased 13% from last month) (for the year it is 51%).  The chickens ate 0.47# food/egg (a raise from last month probably due to me having to lock the chickens up ) (for the year are averaging 0.56# food/egg).   It cost $0.10/egg or $1.20/doz for feed (my yearly average is $0.13/egg or $1.56/dozen).  My monthly net income is a loss of $38.71/month this year. 

I did make a move in the positive direction (I lost less than last month).  Of course since I just purchased more chicks this month it is going to go more negative again.  I just cannot seem to stay ahead.  I did have a $61.78 expense last month in live traps.  I bought two more and that was a single expense.  I have three live traps set out now all varying sizes from rat size up to raccoon.  My original raccoon size trap is taking a beating.  The predators have bitten holes in it, scratched it up and bent parts of it.  One would thing they don't appreciate my hospitality or are suddenly blessed with an end of life vision.  So that may not last another couple of years.  

The wife and child are doing some serious horse seeking.  So soon we will have horses...